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    India’s First Property exchange


    India’s First Property exchange

    • Connecting Demand & Supply through Bid & Offers
    • Reliable data trends & market driven price discovery
    • Requirement based real time match making
    Category A
    Developer(₹/sq ft)
    Category B
    Developer(₹/sq ft)

    Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant PropGPT

    An interactive, responsive, and smart chat tool designed to answer all your queries factually and free of any personal bias

    Path Breaking 3i Process


    Net Property Score (NPS)
    • An estimate of an asset’s market value
    • Calculated based on user-submitted data & property-based parameters
    • Helps you make an informed decision to buy/sell property
    Buyer Profile Score (BPS)
    • An AI-generated score indicative of the buyer’s intent
    • Calculated based on buyer requirements, budgetary expectations, etc.
    • Avail exciting discounts as a High-intent Prospect Buyer

    Seller Benefits

    • Don’t pay for contracts pay for connects
    • iConnect/iMeet/iVisit- get instantly connected with buyers
    • Place your offer & let PropEx do its intelligent match making to connect you with prospective buyers
    • Net Property Score Benchmark rating system
    • 10X faster deal closure
    • Reduce cost of closure with zero brokerage package


    Reinventing Real Estate through Virtual Experiences

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    PropEx Presence

    Top Projects

    Hyderabad One
    ₹ 62 L
    Splendid Lake Breez
    ₹ 56 L
    Prestige Elm Park
    ₹ 1.26 Cr
    Rohan Antara
    ₹ 95 L
    Arsis Green Hills
    ₹ 97 L
    KR Puram
    Brigade Calista
    ₹ 1.63 Cr

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    Everything you know at one place

    • Reliable data trends & market-driven price discovery
    • Buyer Profile Score (BPS) & Net Property Score (NPS)
    • Select your property and bid or connect directly
    • First of its kind NLP based Real Estate bot
    • Interactive, responsive, and smart chat tool
    • Designed to cater to all segments of the real estate
    • Disruptive tech-based sales process
    • SMART DEALS on iConnect, iVisit
    • Requirement-based real time matchmaking for live listings
    • SMART SHOWCASE of real estate properties
    • Connect directly to developers virtually
    • Innovative tools to explore various options

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    India’s First Property exchange

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    Find your Dream home with PropGPT

    A data-driven, intelligent smart chat tool designed to answer all your queries related to properties. It assists in:

    • Finding best properties for buy/rent
    • Connecting buyers with seller and tenants with owners
    • Answering any questions related to property buy/sell/rent
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    PropEx is an AI-powered digital real estate marketplace where you can buy residential properties, investment properties, and commercial properties at the best price.

    • Diverse property options from 300+ top builders at affordable market prices.
    • Real-time market trends and property details to make informed decisions.
    • Instant visit scheduling and virtual tours.
    • Connect with experienced property experts.
    • Exciting offers and more.

    • Register an account on
    • Choose "Buyer" from the menu.
    • Select the desired price range.
    • Choose the location of your choice.
    • Pick your dream property from the numerous choices.
    • Use the iConnect feature to contact the seller directly.

    PropEx deals in various types of real estate properties, including residential flats, villas, lands, commercial properties, co-working spaces, investment properties, and rent-yielding properties.

    Buyers can track iConnects in the “i-Connect” dashboard.

    In the first phase, users will be limited to only one profile (either Buyer or Seller) Once a user signs up, everytime they put their number to login, they’ll be redirected to their respective login only (either Buyer or Seller).

    More than 300 top developers and builders, such as Brigade Group, Sobha Group, Lodha Group, Prestige Group, Total Environment, Purva Group, and many more, are listed on PropEx.

    You will receive notifications on your registered WhatsApp number or via email, SMS, and push notifications on the app.

    PropGPT is an NLP-based conversation bot and smart engine that responds to natural language questions. It understands and creates personalized showcases, shares step-by-step guides, and records preferences. You can interact with PropGPT through speech or chat, similar to speaking with a broker, property consultant, or friend.

    An AI-generated score indicative of the buyer’s intent,create your BPS score to match with relevant sellers.

    To create a Buyer Profile, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to the app or website.
    2. Go to PropEstimate
    3. Click on "Check BPS your score."
    4. Fill all the Details
    5. Click on “Prev” if you want to edit.
    6. Make the desired changes.
    7. Click "Submit."

    1. Visit the website or use the app.
    2. Enter your requirement details and Search for Properties

    List your properties or projects on at zero cost and zero brokerage for a lifetime. Additionally, it helps generate potential leads to sell your property faster.

    PropEx is a real estate marketplace that helps property sellers find and connect with potential buyers, facilitating negotiations and faster closures.

    You can view your own listing on your "My Listing" dashboard.

    Once the PropEx Experts Team approves it, your property listing will be available to the public.

    To add missing details to your property listing, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to the app or website.
    2. Go to your profile.
    3. Click on "My Listings."
    4. Go to "My Properties."
    5. Select the property you want to edit.
    6. Make the desired changes.
    7. Click "Save."

    Yes, you can list as many properties as you want for free on

    If someone expresses interest in your listing, you will receive real-time notifications via email, message, WhatsApp, or the app.

    • Global audience reach
    • Effective lead generation and continuous lead capture
    • Instant connection with prospects via iConnect
    • Real-time customization of banners, communication, avatars, and stall design
    • i-visit: instant virtual visits

    Anyone can contact PropEx using the following details:

    • Phone: 8185800800
    • Email: